The 14 Must-Try Tips To Enhance Your Travel Writing

Travel Writing

Writing about travel is indeed a great pleasure and passion for many avid travel writers.

Are you both a passionate writer and travel enthusiast?

If you bring both skills to the table, then travel writing can indeed be a great career option for you.

But where? You don’t need to quit your job, and instead, you can hustle in your free time.

You can start a travel blog to express your opinions and share your writing expertise about travel to the world.

At some point in time, you could even earn a handsome income from your travel blog.

Now, let’s get into the topic, be ready to gain some insights on travel writing.

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The Must-Try Tips For Travel Writing

must-try tips for writing about travel

1. Entice Your Readers With Emotions

When you strike your readers with emotions that they can relate to themselves, they would be very engaged in reading your article.

Your readers would indeed love to read more of your articles when you connect them with emotions.

Write your travel article in the way that your audience would love to share their thoughts in the comments, not just read and leave the page.

Emotions are like nature; what you give would be returned, or an impact that you will face.

Try to write your articles with emojis, and your readers would more likely perceive them in a happy state of mind.

2. Present Your Travel Articles With Mesmerizing Images

Your travel article would always look duller when there aren’t any images added to the content.

The best way to present an article is with images relatable to the vital sections of your content.

As for travel articles, when you write about different countries, it is pretty much not possible to travel there and get a picture to add to your content.

It would be cost-effective to quickly get free stock images from websites like Unsplash and Pixabay.

Adding images would help you make your article more readable, and your readers would spend more time reading them.

3. Give More Value To Your Readers Time

When your readers invest their valuable time reading your travel articles, it is essential to provide value to their time by writing high-quality content.

So, if you’re wondering what you can do to write high-quality content, here are five rules to follow when you write travel articles:

  • Write long-form content of more than 2000 words.
  • Include images that are relatable to your article.
  • Design attractive infographics using Canva to include in your article.
  • Write in simple language, don’t use complex words that are hard to understand.
  • Write your article in an active voice and avoid passive voice.

If your readers find your travel article more valuable, they would love to subscribe to your newsletters.

4. Write Your Travel Article Without Grammatical Errors

You won’t seem like a professional travel writer or blogger when your readers spot too many grammatical errors in your content.

Try using Grammarly, which would help you auto-correct all sorts of grammatical errors accurately.

Grammarly also helps you rewrite sentences that are unclear and find plagiarism in your content.

Constantly review and self-edit your work after you finish writing. It helps you save more time.

A well-written copy without grammatical errors and typos would improve your article’s readability and help your readers understand them easily.

5. Write An Impeccable Introduction For Your Article

Try to write an introduction that would make your readers read it entirely and scrolling till the end of your article.

Writing an attention grasping introduction would create a positive impression among your readers, and it would entice them to read your article entirely.

It is also essential to write great content after your introduction so your readers stay engaged reading your article.

Try to write in a friendly tone addressing your reader like how you speak, so it would help you connect with your readers like a friend.

Your introduction should be more about a story that would describe your gripping experiences as a traveler.

6. Read More Books And Blogs About Travel

Reading more about travel will help you write travel articles ideally which would be very good to read and help you find what your readers would love to read.

You can read many stories of travel bloggers who had fantastic experiences with their unforgettable trips.

It can certainly help you enhance your travel writing skills in the best possible way and learn how to structure your travel articles.

Now here’s my handpicked list of travel books to read and travel blogs you can follow.

Three Excellent Books About Travel You Can Read:

1. The Travel Book by Lonely Planet

 This book has a fantastic piece of travel information about 230 countries with specific details like statistics, maps, food, and culture written by an award-winning travel website.

2. The Bucket List by Kath Stathers

This book is a must-read for avid travelers to know about 1000 adventures and all famous outdoor activities, beaches, restaurants, mountains, and islands of all continents.

3. Destinations of a Lifetime by National Geographic

This book has a photographic collection of some of the best places in the world taken by famous and highly experienced photographers with fantastic ideas to plan your next trip.

Two Great Travel Blogs You Can Follow:

1. NomadicMatt

NomadicMatt is a popular travel blog where you can find hot piping information of many countries and cities to plan your trip hassle-free and find good travel deals.

2. Inditales

Inditales is another famous travel blog to gain insights for your trips to Asia, Europe, and more about India. This blog also has reviews about many hotels and restaurants.

7. Have Passion Writing About Travel

When you have passion for something you love, you will undoubtedly work more hard towards it.

You will never find an excuse or reason to stop doing something you are passionate about and have great interest in it.

Also, never fake your passion because you will have a hunger for a shorter time when you fake it. It can become hard to proceed further.

When passion is there, you will push yourself further to significant limits to excel in travel writing and, indeed, set more goals to get to the next level.

8. Keep Writing

Writing spontaneously over a long period can enhance your travel writing skills.

You can hone your travel writing skills when you keep writing, and you would gradually learn how to write better.

The best part of writing is, you will get loyal fans who would love your writing and encourage you to write more.

Writing is more of a creative process, and sometimes it can be exhausting to keep the flow of words going.

Still, there’s nothing like the fulfillment you will experience after you finish writing the final piece.

9. Give Examples

When you are writing about travel, give more examples from your traveling experiences.

Giving examples would undoubtedly help your readers understand what you are trying to say.

Try to include the most common travel experiences so more people can relate and get engaged with your travel article.

It is quite challenging to make your readers stay engaged throughout your article but can be achieved with outstanding examples from your travel.

10. Grab Your Reader’s Attention

Well, many people never read all the contents of your article unless it is attention grasping.

Use quotes in your paragraphs and sub-headings so that it would make your article more readable.

Also, include more statistics, GIFs, infographics, and attractive images to make your readers spend more time on your article.

Write like how you speak in a conversational manner and a friendly and optimistic tone.

11. Avoid Writing Out Of Topic

I’ve read many blogs and books where people write unrelatable to the topic.

People always prefer to read content that is relevant to the topic and relatable to themselves.

Writing off-topic can reduce your readership, and hardly people will like to opt-in for your email list.

The best way to write something more relatable to the topic is by increasing your reading habit on topics you want to write.

12. Write a Fact-Checked and Research-Backed Travel Article

You will gradually lose your audience and readership who find your article not of high quality without proper research.

Writing a fact-checked and research-backed article is the utmost priority you should give when writing about travel.

You will lose your credibility among your audience when you write something with false facts to impress your readers.

Try to guide your audience with original facts and high-quality content who spend their valuable time reading your article.

13. Spend Enough Time To Write

Writing about travel articles requires profound knowledge and experience as a traveler.

If you are ready to spend more time crafting your content, you can certainly write top-notch content that is overall very good to read.

Try to set small goals and targets for writing your travel article so that your content comes out really well.

Pressing the publish button should not always be your priority.

Give more value to your audience, so they become your loyal fans later.

14. Keep Your Mind Fresh

Let your mind be filled with positivity and bright ideas, so you don’t stress much while writing.

It is not easy to write when you have too many thoughts running in your mind.

Before you start writing, take a deep breath and write the first draft without editing.

Surround yourself in a suitable environment without any noise and hassles going around.

I’ve tried these things myself, and it has helped me keep my mind with a free flow of words.

Final Thoughts

This blog post has been a bunch of advice and tips that I’ve tried myself and has worked out well for me.

Just go through the creative process of writing, you can gradually find many tricks yourself.

If you have any ideas to write an excellent travel article, let people know them in the comments.

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